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Representation Theory Seminar

Title Speaker Event Date
Expansivity and homoclinic points in algebraic dynamics Evgeny Verbitskiy (Mathematics Institute, Leiden University) 2013-11-13~2013-11-13
The Fourier transform for nilpotent Lie groups Jean Ludwig (Université de Lorraine, France) 2014-05-16~2014-05-16
Topological data analysis and representation theory: persistence on commutative ladder quivers Emerson G. Escolar (Kyushu University) 2015-12-09~2015-12-09
The Littlewood-Richardson triangles and highest weight vectors Soo Teck Lee (National University of Singapore) 2015-12-14~2015-12-14
Complete classification of pseudo H-type algebras and isospectral non-difeomorphic nilmanifolds Kenro FURUTANI (Tokyo University of Science) 2016-01-20~2016-01-20
Non additive foundations for arithmetical geometry Shai Haran (Technion) 2016-03-29~2016-03-29
Exact Methods in Theoretical Quantum Optics D. Braak (University of Augsburg) 2016-04-22~2016-04-22
Hypergeometric expressions for modular functions Raimundas Vidunas 2018-06-28~2018-06-28
Delegated Causality in Complex Systems Raimundas Vidunas 2018-06-29~2018-06-29
Analogues of M\"untz-Szasz's theorem for some Lie groups Ali Baklouti (Sfax University) 2018-12-07~2018-12-07