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Probability Seminar

Title Speaker Event Date
New results on Squared Bessel particle systems and Wishart processes Piotr GRACZYK (Université d'Angers) 2018-05-18~2018-05-18
A relation between regularity structures and paracontrolled calculus Masato HOSHINO (Kyushu University) 2018-04-27~2018-04-27
Renormalized Gibbs measures Fumio HIROSHIMA (Faculty of Mathematics, Kyushu University) 2018-02-23~2018-02-23
Stochastic averaging for two-time-scale systems of stochastic partial differential equations Bin PEI (Northwestern Polytechnical University, China) 2017-12-08~2017-12-08
On a coverage problem in communications and its relations to Poisson-Dirichlet point processes Bartek BLASZCZYSZYN (INRIA) 2017-12-01~2017-12-01
Macroscopic scattering by a Langevin heat bath in contact with a harmonic chain Stefano OLLA (CEREMADE, University Paris-Dauphine) 2017-11-17~2017-11-17
Jump processes on boundaries of GW trees Yuki TOKUSHIGE (RIMS, Kyoto University) 2017-10-27~2017-10-27
Existence of integrable harmonic functions on a complete Riemannian manifold Jun MASAMUNE (Hokkaido University) 2017-10-20~2017-10-20
Understanding physical mixing processes via transfer operator approach Yiwei Zhang (Centre for mathematics, Huazhong University of Science and Technology) 2017-10-06~2017-10-06
Positivity with applications to quantum mechanics Thomas Norman Dam (Department of Mathematics, Aarhus University) 2017-07-28~2017-07-28