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Probability Seminar

Title Speaker Event Date
Rate of convergence to the extreme value distributions Yuki Ueda (Hokkaido University of Education) 2021-07-02~2021-07-02
Stochastic quantization associated with the $\exp(\alpha\phi)_2$-quantum field model Masato HOSHINO (Kyushu University) 2020-06-26~2020-06-26
Averaging principles and noise-induced dynamics in the presence of Non-Gaussian levy noise Yong Xu (Northwestern Polytechnical University) 2020-01-17~2020-01-17
Loewner chains and evolution families on parallel slit half-planes Takuya MURAYAMA (Kyoto University) 2020-01-10~2020-01-10
Well-posedness of a first-order stochastic conservation law involving a $Q$-Brownian motion Yueyuan Gao (Tohoku University) 2019-12-06~2019-12-06
On pathwise uniqueness of stochastic differential equations driven by stable processes Hiroshi TSUKADA (Kyushu University) 2019-11-29~2019-11-29
Ergodic theoretic classification of q-central probability measures Ryosuke SATO (Nagoya University) 2019-11-15~2019-11-15
Differentiability of the speed of biased random walks on Galton-Watson trees Yuki TOKUSHIGE (Kyoto University) 2019-10-25~2019-10-25
Gaussian fluctuations in directed polymers Shuta NAKAJIMA (Nagoya University) 2019-10-18~2019-10-18
Implicit Euler--Maruyama scheme for radial Dunkl processes Dai TAGUCHI (Osaka University) 2019-07-26~2019-07-26