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Report on Forum “Math-for-Industry” 2019

conferences and seminars

The international conference
Forum "Math-for-Industry" (FMfI) 2019: Mathematics for the Primary Industries and the Environment
sponsored by Asia Pacific Consortium of Mathematics for Industry was held at Massey University (Auckland, New Zealand) during November 18th (Mon.) - 21th (Thurs.).

There were 24 oral presentations and 17 poster presentations. A total of 25 people participated from Kyushu University, including the invited speakers, Prof. Toshihiko Takemura (Research Institute of Applied Mechanics), Prof. Takashi Okayasu (Faculty of Agriculture), Prof. Shizuo Kaji (IMI), 7 faculty members of IMI and 13 postgraduate students and postdocs.

Among the poster presentations, the Poster Awards were given to the following six presentations. Each awardee will be given an opportunity for a research visit to a foreign country (for residents in Japan) or IMI (for residents outside Japan).
 ・・  Best Poster Award

 Sebastテュan Elテュas Graiff Zurita (Kyushu University)
 Integrable Discrete Eulers Elastica: Explicit Expression for the Curvature

 ・・  Excellent Poster Award

 Hiroaki Kurihara (Graduate School of Mathematics, Kyushu University)
 An Invariant of Surfaces in the 3-Sphere

 Kento Okuda (Graduate School of Mathematics, Kyushu University)
 Bifurcation and Stability for Surfaces with Constant Mean Curvature Bounded by Two Coaxial Circles

 Linh Thi Hoai Ngyuen (IMI, Kyushu University)
 Sustainability Conditions for a Stochastic Forest Model

 Yasuaki Kamada (Graduate School of Mathematics, Kyushu University)
 Numerical Simulation of Kyushu Railway Network based on Mathematical Model of True Slime Mold

 Seyd Mohsen Hashemi (Massey University)
 Linear Distorsion and Its Application in Material Science

Forum “Math-for-Industry” 2019 photo