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Adaptive Network Theory with Organism
TERO, Atsushi (Associate Professor)
Keyword: Mathematical Modeling, Adaptive Network, Multi-Rhythm
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Development of Optimization Techniques and Software
WAKI, Hayato (Associate Professor)
Keyword: Optimization, Mathematical Programming, Continuous Optimization, Semidefinite Programming Problem, Optimization Software
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Security Evaluation and Applications of Mathematical Cryptography
YASUDA, Masaya (Associate Professor)
Keyword: Elliptic Curve Cryptography, Homomorphic Encryption, Algebraic Geometry
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Lattices and Applications in Cryptography
DUONG, Hoang Dung (Assistant Professor)
Keyword: Zeta Functions, Representation Theory, Lattices, Cryptography, Computational Number Theory
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Algebraic specification
GAINA, Daniel (Assistant Professor)
Keyword: Logic, Formal Methods, Category Theory
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New viewpoints of mathematics via “rigorous numerics”
MATSUE, Kaname (Assistant Professor)
Keyword: Dynamical Systems, Numerical Analysis, Rigorous Numerics, Singular Perturbation Theory, Differential Equations (Blow-up Solutions, Shock Waves), Singularities, Topology (including Computer Assisted Studies), Quantum Walks, Topology Optimizations
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Applied Math for Energy Systems
NGUYEN, Dinh Hoa (Assistant Professor)
Keyword: Control Systems, Smart Grid, Distributed Optimization, Multi-Agent System, Consensus Control, Synchronization, Learning Systems, Optimal and Robust Control
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Analytical Approaches to Physically Relevant Partial Differential Equations
TRIADIS, Dimetre (Assistant Professor)
Keyword: Continuum Mechanics, Asymptotic Analysis, Integrable Systems, Integral Equations
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Random Matrix Theory and Applications
TRINH, Khanh Duy (Assistant Professor)
Keyword: Probability Theory, Analytic Number Theory, General Dirichlet Series, Besicovitch Almost Periodic Functions, Random Matrix Theory
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