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On Limitations and Alternatives of Privacy-Preserving Cryptographic Protocols for Genomic Data

Hold Date 2015-09-14 10:45~2015-09-14 11:30

Place IMI/Faculty of Mathematics, Meeting Room (#122)

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Speaker Tadanori Teruya (AIST)

The human genome can identify an individual and determine the individual's biological characteristics. Furthermore, the genome is immutable, and an individual's genome has correlations to those of the individual's progeny. Hence, the genome has to be securely protected in order to prevent privacy issues. However, current standard privacy-preserving cryptographic protocols may be insufficient to protect genome privacy. Then, as an alternative, we proposed to protect genome privacy by cryptographic protocols with everlasting security, which provides an appropriate mixture of computational and information-theoretic security.
This work has been published in IWSEC 2015.