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Fano resonances: What is it?

Hold Date 2015-02-19 15:00~2015-02-19 17:00

Place Seminar Room 3, Faculty of Mathematics building / IMI, Ito Campus

Object person  

Speaker Michael Tribelsky (Lomonosov Moscow State University & Moscow State Institute of Radioengineering)

The Fano resonances are one of the “hottest” topics of the modern physics and technology. There are numerous publications devoted to these resonances. Unfortunately, the level of complexity of these publications usually does not allow an average undergraduate student to understand them. In contrast, in the present talk a comprehensive discussion of the Fano resonances is presented. To understand the discussion no preliminary knowledge in Quantum Mechanics and just basic knowledge in Math, corresponding to the general undergraduate curriculum, are required. The discussion includes the history of the phenomenon, explains why the phenomenon is so important and elucidates the main features of it. Then, the simplest mechanical model exhibiting the Fano resonances (the forced oscillations of two coupled pendulums) is introduced and analyzed. Based upon this analysis certain general conclusions are obtained.