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Introduction to harmonic analysis on quasi Gelfand pairs

Hold Date 2022-08-18 17:00~2022-08-18 18:00

Place D-725

Object person  

Speaker Cornelie Mitcha (NTT Institute for Fundamental Mathematics)

Let G be a locally compact group, K a compact subgroup of automorphism group of G such that the Lie algebra of complex integrable K-biinvariant functions (defined through the convolution product) on G is nilpotent of step p, we say (G,K) is quasi Gelfand pair. When the step is equal to one we have the classical Gelfand pair with the zonal spherical functions. In this work (or talk), we study this quasi Gelfand pair. Additionally, we study the quasi-spherical functions and the quasi-spherical Fourier transform corresponding.