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Reeb Graph, Merge Tree, Barrier Treeの関係とそれらの応用

Hold Date 2022-01-21 15:40~2022-01-21 16:10

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Speaker Koki Kamitani (Kyushu University)

Abstract: For a topological space X and a function f on it, Reeb graph and merge tree are quotient spaces constructed by focusing on the connected components of the inverse image of a point by f. In most cases, these are graphs. On the other hand, the barrier tree is defined by using a graph instead of a space X, which is also a graph. Reeb graph, merge tree, and barrier tree are mainly used in the fields of mathematics, informatics, and chemistry, respectively, and are considered to be graphs with similar properties to each other, but no research has shown that in the past. This time, I propose the conditions under which the three types of graphs are the same and relate them to each other.