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Prediction of Patients’ Prognoses from Medical Images

Hold Date 2021-05-12 16:45~2021-05-12 17:45

Place Zoom

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Speaker Hidetaka Arimura (Division of Medical Quantum Science, Department of Health Sciences, Faculty of Medical Sciences)

The IMI Colloquium in May 2021
Date : Wednesday, 12 May 2021
Style : Only by Zoom
Speaker : Prof. Hidetaka Arimura,
- Division of Medical Quantum Science, Department of Health Sciences, Faculty of Medical Sciences
Title :  
 Prediction of Patients’ Prognoses from Medical Images
Abstract :
In medical image processing researches on cancer, there have been studies on detection and differentiation of cancer positions and malignancy. Since biological information such as genome information is included in medical images acquired based on physics, it is hypothesized that patients’ prognoses could be predicted with medical images. Therefore, many researchers are performing the studies on prediction of patients’ prognoses using medical images prior to cancer treatments. However, there is a drawback that conventional image features depend on imaging protocols in clinical practice. The prognoses could be more correctly predicted if cancer traits were characterized by mathematically invariant values. The author will describe the background and introduce some of researches on that.
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