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Topology Seminar

Title Speaker Event Date
Homotopy commutativity in Hermitian symmetric spaces Tong Yichen (Kyoto University) 2022-07-01~2022-07-01
The Steenrod problem and Stanley Reisner ring Masahiro Takeda (Kyoto University) 2022-05-20~2022-05-20
"Morse graphs" and "abstract orbits" of dynamical systems, topological spaces, and decompositions Tomoo Yokoyama (Gifu University) 2022-05-20~2022-05-20
Golod and tight 3-manifolds Daisuke Kishimoto (Kyushu University) 2022-05-13~2022-05-13
Study of the space of string 2-links from the operadic point of view (Collaboration with Etienne ... Julien Ducoulombier (Max Planck Institute) 2022-02-18~2022-02-18
Immersed surfaces in R^2×S^1 whose projection to the circle has exactly one critical point Soutarou Sano (Kyushu University) 2022-01-28~2022-01-28
曲面から向き付け不可能曲面への安定写像におけるminimal contour Reiya Hagiwara (Kyushu University) 2022-01-21~2022-01-21
Reeb Graph, Merge Tree, Barrier Treeの関係とそれらの応用 Koki Kamitani (Kyushu University) 2022-01-21~2022-01-21
Characterizations of graph manifolds by simple fold maps into the plane Naoki Kitazawa (Kyushu University) 2021-12-24~2021-12-24
Higher homotopy normalities in topological groups Mitsunobu Tsutaya (Kyushu University) 2021-12-10~2021-12-10