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Geometry Seminar

Title Speaker Event Date
Delaunay type hypersurfaces in cohomogeneity one manifolds Paolo Piccione (Universidade de São Paulo) 2014-01-24~2014-01-24
Helicoidal surfaces of value m Erhan Güler (Kobe University & Bartin Univ.) 2014-07-11~2014-07-11
On Brill-Noether loci of graphs. Takeo NISHINO (Rikkyo University) 2014-07-18~2014-07-18
A complete metric among pairs of compact metric spaces and probability measures on paths spaces Kohei SUZUKI (Kyoto University) 2014-10-03~2014-10-03
A finite diameter theorem on metric measure spaces with Riemannian curvature-dimension Yu KITABEPPU (Kyoto University) 2014-11-14~2014-11-14
Gradient flows in K-convex and CAT(1)-spaces Miklos PALFIA (Kyoto University) 2015-01-23~2015-01-23
Uniqueness and stability for double crystals Eriko SHINKAWA (Kyushu University) 2015-02-05~2015-02-05
Space-time approach to deformation of random nets Yukio OTSU (Kyushu University) 2015-03-27~2015-03-27
Dynamical approach to an overdetermined problem in potential theory Michiaki ONODERA (IMI, Kyushu University) 2015-06-12~2015-06-12
Constant mean curvature surfaces in the steady state space Rafael Lopez (University of Granada, Spain) 2015-10-23~2015-10-23