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Algebraic Geometry Seminar

Title Speaker Event Date
Global Prym-Torelli theorem for double coverings of elliptic curves Atsushi IKEDA (Tokyo Denki University) 2019-11-01~2019-11-01
The universal Poisson deformation space of hypertoric varieties and its applications Takahiro NAGAOKA (D1, Kyoto University) 2019-03-04~2019-03-04
Geometric Computation of Betti numbers of Springer Varieties Praise Adeyemo (University of Ibadan, Nigeria) 2019-03-04~2019-03-04
Toric contractions associated to long extremal rays Hiroshi SATO (Fukuoka University) 2019-01-15~2019-01-15
Instanton bundles on the flag variety F(1,2) Joan Pons-Llopis (Kyoto University) 2017-02-17~2017-02-17
Fano $n$-folds with ample vector bundles of rank $n-2$ whose adjoint bundles are trivial Akihiro KANEMITSU (the University of Tokyo) 2017-01-27~2017-01-27
Hessenberg varieties and hyperplane arrangements Takashi SATO (Department of Mathematics, Kyoto University) 2016-11-25~2016-11-25
Hessenberg varieties and graph theory Tatsuya HORIGUCHI (Osaka City University Advanced Mathematical Institute) 2016-11-25~2016-11-25
modularity of elliptic curves over some totally real fields Sho YOSHIKAWA (Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences, The University of Tokyo) 2016-11-04~2016-11-04
Obstructions to deforming curves lying on a K3 surface in a Fano 3-fold Hirokazu NASU (Tokai University) 2016-10-28~2016-10-28