Detail of Academic Staff

NGUYEN, Thi Hoai Linh/ Post-doctoral Researcher

NGUYEN, Thi Hoai Linh NGUYEN, Thi Hoai Linh(Post-doctoral Researcher)    I am passionate about utilizing mathematics as tools for deriving insights into nature sciences and solving challenging practical problems. More precisely, I construct mathematical models that describe the real systems/phenomena such as swarming behavior of animals, public opinion formation in social networks and so on. Deep investigating the properties of the models analytically and numerically shed light on the nature of the real phenomena. These acquired insights, in turn, serve as guidelines for designing effective methods/tools for solving practical problems.
   My research interests include systems biology and distributed algorithms over multi-agent networks. So far, I have focused on mathematical models in biology and ecology, and communication protocols over multi-agent systems with the objectives to develop distributed optimization algorithms on networked multi-agent systems and tools for analysis of behaviors of networked multi-agent systems.
   Currently, I concentrate on investigating transmission protocols over information system which asset utilization and security. I aim at propose new mathematical security models and cryptanalysis algorithms on information systems.