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Survival Analysis in Clinical Trial Study

Hold Date 2021-11-10 16:45~2021-11-10 17:45

Place Zoom

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Speaker Takumi Imamura (Shionogi & Co., Ltd.)

The IMI Colloquium in November 2021
Date : Wednesday, 10 November 2021
Place : Llive-streaming by Zoom
Speaker : Takumi Imamura (Shionogi & Co., Ltd.)
Title :  
 Survival Analysis in Clinical Trial Study
Abstract :
Survival analysis is an analysis method that targets the time from the reference time to the occurrence of the event of interest. In this talk, we will focus on Cox proportional hazard model, which is one of the typical methods of survival analysis. The Cox proportional hazard model makes it possible to assess the effects of covariates without assuming a specific distribution for survival time under the proportional hazard assumption.
In this talk, we will introduce application examples of Cox regression analysis, and RMST (Restricted Mean Survival Time), which has gained popularity in recent years as an alternative analysis method when the proportional hazard assumption is not expected to be established.
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