Kyushu University Institute of Mathematics for Industry

Math-for-Industry Research

  • Math-for-Industry Research No.3

    Title:非線形数理モデルの諸相:連続,離散,超離散,その先(Various aspects of nonlinear mathematical models : continuous, discrete, ultra-discrete, and beyond)
    Editor : 筧 三郎
  • Math-for-Industry Research No.2

    Title:Collaboration between theory and practice in inverse problems
    Editor : Takashi Takiguchi, Hiroshi Fujiwara
  • Math-for-Industry Research No.1

    Title:Functional Encryption as a Social Infrastructure and Its Realization by Elliptic Curves and Lattices
    Editor : 穴田 啓晃, 安田 貴徳, Xavier Dahan, 櫻井 幸一