Kyushu University Institute of Mathematics for Industry

About IMI Auditorium & Related Facilities

On October 1, 2015, IMI moved to the West Building No. 1 (Science Research Building), where the international conference hall “IMI Auditorium” and its auxiliary facilities were installed. The following is an overview of the new facilities.

IMI Auditorium (West Bldg. 1, Bldg. D, 4th floor, Room 413)

This semi-circular staircase classroom is suitable for medium-sized research meetings.
Capacity: 116 persons
It can be comfortably used for research meetings and lectures with 50 to 70 participants.
Dome-type color TV camera, sound system, 2 projectors, 2 screens.
In the near future, we are planning to make it possible to transmit lecture scenes and slides to the foyer and the adjacent IMI Conference Room.

IMI Conference Room ( West Bldg. 1, Bldg. D, 4th floor, Room 414)

Rectangular staircase classroom, suitable for small to medium-sized research meetings.
Capacity: 70 people
The room can be comfortably used for research meetings and lectures with 20 to 50 participants.
Sound system, 1 projector, 1 screen.

Foyer ( West Bldg. 1, Bldg. D, 4th floor)

The foyer is located outside the IMI Auditorium and can be used for registration, coffee breaks, welcome parties with simple food and drinks, etc. It can also be used for poster sessions. Poster sessions can also be held.

Training Room 2 ( West Bldg. 1, Bldg. D, 4th floor, Room 412)

This room can be used for small seminars, conferences, meetings, etc.
2 desks, 12 chairs, a dome-type color TV camera, and a projector.
Reservations for faculty and staff of IMI and Math.
Please make a reservation through the IMI/IMI Room Reservation System.
Reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis, and IMI and Math are equal in terms of reservations.

Reservations can be made
within 3 months of the date of use (reservations cannot be made more than 3 months in advance).

Basically, there is no charge for use of the room.

Flow from reservation to the end of the event

1. After confirming the availability, send the application form (attached) to the IMI Auditorium Office (math(at) (change (at) to @))
Application form ( word, pdf )
2. After review by the faculty member in charge of the IMI Auditorium, the secretariat will send a letter of permission.
3. Pick up the key at the IMI office on the day of use or the day before (please bring the permission form with you).
4. After the event, return the key to the IMI office (if the event ends after the office closes, please consult with the office).
Important 】If a very important event of IMI or IMI Mathematics is to be held suddenly, we may ask you to change the room even if we have already given you permission to use it in advance. In such cases, we will assist you in finding another room to meet your request as much as possible (so far, no such situation has occurred).

Rules for using the IMI Auditorium and other facilities at Kyushu University

All users of the Kyushu University IMI Auditorium must comply with the following rules.

1. When using the IMI Auditorium, the user must carry with him or her the permission form.
2. The person who has been given permission to use the IMI Auditorium must pick up the key to the room to be used at the Mathematical Sciences Office and return it to the Mathematical Sciences Office after use. The user is responsible for the custody of the key during use.
3. The hours of use are from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. The hours of use must be strictly observed.
4. The user must not refuse entry when requested to do so by an attendant based on the need to manage the facility.
5. Equipment, fixtures, etc. must not be moved without permission. When moving equipment, fixtures, etc. with permission, return them to their original positions after use. When facilities, equipment, fixtures, etc. are damaged, lost, or defaced, the user must immediately report it to the IMI secretary’s office and restore them to their original state.
6. Do not smoke.
7. Do not eat or drink in the IMI Auditorium or IMI Conference Room. Please be sure to take all garbage (including empty cans, PET bottles, etc.) back to the IMI Auditorium.
8. If you wish to hang a notice on the wall, please consult with us in advance.
9. If a user violates the IMI Auditorium Rules of Use or makes a false statement in the application for use, the permission for use may be revoked even during the course of use.