Kyushu University Institute of Mathematics for Industry

I pursue research in the theoretical aspects of Discrete Optimization.Optimization Problem is a problem of finding a solution maximizing (or minimizing) an objective function among all feasible solutions. Discrete Optimization includes a broad class of optimization problems. My main research topic is to derive algorithms for these discrete optimization problems by using submodularity that is discrete analogue of convexity and polyhedral approaches based on duality.

Furthermore, my research field includes Graph Theory and Computational Complexity that are deeply related to Discrete Optimization. I am also interested in applications of optimization techniques to real world problems arising from urban planning, transportation system and social networks.

Keywords Discrete Optimization, Graph Theory, Computational Complexity
Division Division of Advanced Mathematics Technology, Division of Intelligent Societal Implementation of Mathematical Computation (Concurrent), Division of Strategic Liaison (Concurrent), Division of Fujitsu Mathematical Modeling for Decision Making (Concurrent)
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