Research Divisions

Laboratory of Advanced Software in Mathematics

This laboratory aims to make mathematical theories and theorems which were discovered at the Institute of Mathematics for Industry into algorithms and to implement them as software. The software will be internationally released in order to contribute to advanced researches in industries and various scientific areas including mathematics itself.

Laboratory of Advanced Software in Mathematics List of Academic Staffs

FUJISAWA, Katsuki (Professor) ... Mathematical Optimization Problem, Graph Analysis, High Performance Computing

MIZOGUCHI, Yoshihiro (Professor) ... Software Science, Graph Transformation, Theory of Computing

SHIRAI, Tomoyuki (Professor) (concurrent) ... Probability Theory, Determinantal Point Processes

WAKI, Hayato (Associate Professor) ... Optimization, Mathematical Programming, Continuous Optimization, Semidefinite Programming Problem, Optimization Software

TAKAGI, Tsuyoshi (Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, the University of Tokyo) (concurrent) ... Cryptography, Information Security, Computational Number Theory