Research Divisions

Laboratory of Mathematical Design for Advanced Cryptography

Recent advances in information and telecommunication technologies bring forward new applications of cryptographic theory. In turn, newly developed cryptographic methods and constructions as well as their security evaluation require application of a wide range of mathematical theories, beyond those conventionally used for cryptography. The Laboratory of Mathematical Design for Advanced Cryptography, leveraging the cooperation between academic research institutes, industry and the governmental institutions, aims at development of the next-generation cryptographic technologies featuring a wide variety of secure functionalities, with the ultimate goal of achieving safe and sustainable society. Through the cooperation between academia, industry, and the governmental institutions, the Laboratory will continue to promote the newest advances in mathematical cryptography towards design and development of the next-generation cryptographic constructions meeting the highest international standards.


Laboratory of Mathematical Design for Advanced Cryptography List of Academic Staffs

FUJISAWA, Katsuki (Professor) (concurrent) ... Mathematical Optimization Problem, Graph Analysis, High Performance Computing

MIZOGUCHI, Yoshihiro (Professor) (concurrent) ... Software Science, Graph Transformation, Theory of Computing

TAKAGI, Tsuyoshi (Professor) ... Cryptography, Information Security, Computational Number Theory

WAKI, Hayato (Associate Professor) (concurrent) ... Optimization, Mathematical Programming, Continuous Optimization, Semidefinite Programming Problem, Optimization Software

YASUDA, Masaya (Associate Professor) ... Elliptic Curve Cryptography, Homomorphic Encryption, Algebraic Geometry

DUONG, Hoang Dung (Assistant Professor) ... Zeta Functions, Representation Theory, Lattices, Cryptography, Computational Number Theory