Kyushu University Institute of Mathematics for Industry

KIRA, Akifumi

Associate Professor

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My main research field is mathematical optimization. I am particularly interested in problems that require repeated decision making (multi-stage decision processes) and problems involving uncertainty (stochastic models). I have been researching the theory and application of dynamic programming, which is a method to efficiently solve these kinds of problems.

I am also engaged in research on social mathematics, which uses mathematical techniques to design fair and highly convincing systems and measures to address social issues. My co-researchers and I have developed technology in collaboration with real world sites of social issues such as (a) efforts to improve passenger satisfaction at Fukuoka Airport, (b) system design for Japanese nursery school matching with siblings, (c) disaster restoration scheduling for lifeline networks, (d) optimization of the pallet sharing system as a logistics infrastructure, (e) shipper collaboration matching system in logistics.

Keywords Social Mathematics, Dynamic Optimization, Stochastic Optimization, Markov Decision Process
Division Division of Strategic Liaison
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