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TERO, Atsushi

Associate Professor

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As the creature survived the severe struggle for existence for a long time, they get many refined techniques on the life phenomenon. I transcribe such a life phenomenon in a numerical formula in my study. And I extract a technique from a creature and apply it industrially. There are various transportation networks such as a railway network, ant trail , blood vessel network and the leaf vein. They have the property that a used path develops. On the other hand, the path without quantity of use degenerates. These network is called as “adaptive network”. The network topology of the adaptive network varies (like capillary and aorta). It is the purpose of my study to understand the formation of such an adaptive network. In addition, I study about the action control using a variety of rhythm and voluntary morphosis of organism.

Keywords Mathematical Modeling, Adaptive Network, Multi-Rhythm
Division Division of Applied Mathematics