Kyushu University Institute of Mathematics for Industry

The IMI Colloquium Report in April 12, 2023

Title: Development of ultistatic scattering field theory and its application to microwave mammography
Speaker: KIMURA, Kenjiro (Professor, Center for Mathematical and Data Science, Kobe University/CSO, Integral Geometry Science Inc.)
Place: Live streaming by zoom

Attendance: 48 (Students: 23; Staffs: 21; Others: 4)

Prof. Kimura introduced the multi-static scattering field theory and its applications, which focus himself on how to observe area behind objects, where the light cannot reach. He also introduced other inverse problems that he has been working on.

First, he introduced the history of the development of radar-based device to meet the needs of accurate real-time non destructive inspection, which is more accurate than percussion inspection and which investigates cracks, etc inside concrete structures.

Based on the needs, he has been interested in the development of a device to reconstruct a 3D image of an object by using X-ray, CT, and MRI. He also introduced an example of practical applications of 3D non destructive inspection of railway tunnels.

After that, from some members of Depertment of Medicine, he heard the research topics on breast cancer screening, where the importance of early detection is known from the 5-year survival rate of the cancer, and started a research on mammography to improve equipments in case of breast cancer screening. Next, he explained in detail about the target phenomena and the principle of the system, for example, the structure of breast and breast cancer, the principle of microwave mammography, and the multi-static scattering field theory, which is the core of the device.

He also introduced the actual device using the microwave scattering field imaging system, its mechanism, and clinical cases based on the reconstructed images. Then, he explained that the high accurate diagnosis is now possible based on about 400 clinical cases, and introduced that his group is approching to practical use of the device.

Finally, he introduced other applications such as airport security checks.