Kyushu University Institute of Mathematics for Industry

The IMI Colloquium Report in May 10, 2023

Title: Geometric toys from mathematics
Speaker: Akira NISHIHARA (retired mathematics teacher)
Place: IMI Auditorium(W1-D-413) and Live streaming with zoom

Attendance: 53 (Students: 35; Staffs: 15; Others: 3)

In the talk, the speaker introduced a lot of toy-like geometric objects and demonstrated how to move. Most of them have been created by the speaker, and we heard many stories about some of the difficulties of realizing such objects.

We can expect it will make many people interested in geometric figures by looking at such objects in the real world. Moreover, as mentioned in his abstract, such realized objects have potential in art. Therefore, we could also gain some valuable insights from the STEAM educational point of view.