Kyushu University Institute of Mathematics for Industry

[2023/4/12] The IMI Colliquiam in April 2023

The IMI Colloquium in April 2023   Date : Wednesday, 12 April 2023
  Place : Live streaming with zoom  
Speaker : Kenjiro Kimura (Center for Mathematical and Data Science, Kobe University Professor / Integral Geometry Science Inc. CSO)  
Title :   Development of ultistatic scattering field theory and its application to microwave mammography
  Abstract :
Recently, we have used the results of observations of the scattering of waves from target objects to reconstruct the structure, developed a scattered field back analysis method, and built a new theoretical framework for a non-destructive imaging of the internal 3D structure. Furthermore, based on this theory, a next generation technology for breast cancer examination to replace X-ray mammography has been developed in the form of a microwave mammography system that is effective even for dense breasts.    
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