Kyushu University Institute of Mathematics for Industry

The IMI Colloquium Report in December 14, 2022

Title: Solving local issues by mathematics approach indicated by the cases in cooperation between Itoshima City and IMI
Speaker: Taisuke Otsuru,Shinichi Tokunaga (Economic Development Department- Gakkentoshi Development Section)
Place: IMI Auditorium(W1-D-413) and Live streaming with zoom

Attendance: 30 (Students: 11; Staffs: 11; Others: 8)
In this talk, the speakers introduced the past collaborative activity achievements between Itoshima City and IMI.
 For example, as one of the collaborative activities, the speakers explained the development of an AI system that matches suitable candidate areas for relocation. In recent years, the level of interest in immigrating to Itoshima has been increasing, and there is a need to improve the level of satisfaction with immigration. Therefore, the development of an AI matching system that uses IMI’s mathematical technology to propose recommended migration areas by modeling the preferences of prospective migrants was conducted as part of this collaboration. The speakers explained that through this collaboration, there were various advantages, such as improved operational efficiency and the suggestion of recommended areas that even the corresponding staff was not aware of. The speakers also explained other collaborative activities related to improving bus convenience.
 The speakers introduced specific examples of how mathematics could be used to contribute to solving local issues, and we were able to learn how mathematics can be useful in the real world.