Kyushu University Institute of Mathematics for Industry

The IMI Colloquium Report in October 12, 2022

Title: Building a Combinatorial Optimization Cloud and Challenges
Speaker: Takuji Hiraoka (Fixstars Amplify Corporation)
Place: Live-streaming by Zoom

Attendance: 26 (Students: 13; Staffs: 7; Others: 6)

In the talk, the speaker introduced recent quantum technology and its efforts from his company’s point of view. And then explained his company’s cloud service for utilizing quantum annealing Ising machines to solve complex combinatorial optimization problems, which are difficult to solve with standard computer technology. The challenges and efforts have also been shared in applying combinatorial optimization solutions in the manufacturing industry. The demand seems to be increasing to solve very speedy, complex combinatorial optimization problems using quantum annealing Ising machines in the manufacturing industry and academia (especially in the engineering research field). From this talk, we could gain valuable insights into what a challenge should address in practice.