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The IMI Colloquium Report in November 10, 2021

The IMI Colloquium in November was held on November 10, 2021.

The IMI Colloquium in November
Title : Survival Analysis in Clinical Trial Study
Speaker : IMAMURA, Takumi (Shionogi & Co., Ltd.)
Place : Live-streaming by Zoom

In the talk, Survival analysis was introduced, which is a statistical method to analyze the correlation between an event of interests (for example, the death of patients or the onset of diseases) and time until the occurrence of the event.

First, the concept of Survival analysis was introduced. Second, Kaplan–Meier method, Log-rank test, Generalized Wilcoxon test, and Cox proportional hazard regression analysis were introduced as the fundamental tools of Survival analysis with some practical examples. When the efficiency of active drug groups against control drug ones is evaluated by using Survival analysis, Kaplan–Meier method is a tool to visualize survival functions, Log-rank test and Generalized Wilcoxon test are tools to compare survival functions among the different groups, and Cox proportional hazard regression analysis is a tool to evaluate survival functions quantitatively by using the Hazard ratio.

Moreover, RMST (Restricted Mean Survival Time) was also introduced, which has became popularity in recent years among the biological statistics field when the proportional hazard assumption is not satisfied.

Survival analysis is attracted to many researchers not only from the theoretical point of view but also from the practical point of view. As the intersection of the theory and the application, we have obtained the precious information of Survival analysis through the talk.

Attendance: Staff 8, Students 13, Others(Postdoctoral Researchers and Outside academia) 14