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The IMI Colloquium Report in July 14, 2021

The IMI Colloquium in July was held on July 14, 2021.

The IMI Colloquium in July
Title : Solder shape prediction
Speaker : Hiroshi Ogawa (DENSO CORPORATION)
Place : IMI Auditorium (W1-D-413) and live-streaming by Zoom

The improvement of product reliability and development efficiency on “soldering/brazing” in the manufacture of automotive components by using mathematical knowledge were introduced.

As automotive components become smaller and lighter, more higher techniques are required in the soldering and brazing. This causes difficulties in automotive manufacturing. In order to avoid this difficulty, they have developed a mathematical model based on the solder energy minimization problem. The mathematical model was finally formulated by the Allen–Cahn equation, and the threshold value for forming an appropriate solder shape was successfully obtained by numerical computations using finite element methods.

Finally, the lecturer complained the importance of “coordinators” and “translators” for the collaboration between industry and academia, which is based on his experiences introduced in Colloquium. Owing to his suggestions, we have obtained valuable information related to the idustry-academia collaboration, which is one of the important activities of IMI.

Attendance: Staff 13, Students 15