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The IMI Colloquium Report in April 14, 2021

The IMI Colloquium in April was held on April 14, 2021.

The IMI Colloquium in April
Title : Mathematical modeling of morphological analysis
Speaker : Assist. Prof. Koji Noshita (Department of Biology, Faculty of Science/Plant Frontier Research Center, Kyushu Univ.)
Place : Only by Zoom

In this lecture, the topic was focused on mathematical modeling of morphological analysis in biology. It is first necessary to quantify the shape of objects to analyze the characteristics of living organisms. The speaker gave modelings based on Fourier series and considering ecology as examples for it. Ones of the applications was also introduced, for example, prediction of the past shape from the current shape in the evolution of living organisms and relation between the shape of living organisms and their adaptability to the environment.

Attendance: Staff 15, Students 29