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Prof. Fujisawa’s research team takes first place in the Graph 500 for the two consecutive terms

The 21th Graph500 list (BFS) was announced by the Graph500 Committee on Nov. 12 (Nov. 13, Japan time) at the same time as the international conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis (SC20).
Prof. Fujisawa’s research team takes first place in the Graph500 for the two consecutive terms using supercomputer “Fugaku” at Riken. In 2014 to 2019, his project team was a winner of the 9th and 10th to 18th Graph500 Benchmark using the supercomputer “K” at Riken. The performance of large-scale graph analysis is an important indicator in the analysis of big data that requires large-scale and complex data processing. Fugaku has more than tripled the performance of the K computer, which won first place for nine consecutive terms since June 2015. The fact that Fugaku was ranked first in the Graph500 demonstrates that it can perform not only regular calculations commonly used in scientific and engineering calculations but also graph analysis involving many irregular calculations. It shows the versatility of Fugaku, which allows it to be used in a wide range of applications.

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RIKEN news (2020/11/17)

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