Information security, visualization, and inverse problems, on the basis of optimization techniques

Study Group Workshop

Study Group Workshop

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October 25-29, 2010
Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences, The University of Tokyo <Access>

From October 26th (Tuesday) to 29th (Friday) we prepare an individual working room for each topic presented in the first day. Participants (students, postdocs, researchers, etc) in SGW encourage to stay in their intriguing room and solve the problems presented by the invited speakers.

===intermediate discussion===
On October 27th (Wednesday) each invited speaker visits his working room and has an intermediate discussion about the offering topics and problems with participants in the room from 10:00 to 12:00.

===presentation report===
On October 29th (Friday) all participants meet together in the lecture room. Each working room will give a short presentation about the obtained solutions for the problems given in the first day. The presentation starts at 15:00 and each room has 10 minutes to explain about the problems, their solutions, and future works.

Sponsored by

Global COE Program “Education &Research Hub for Math-for-Industry”, Kyushu University
Global COE Program “ The Research and Training Center for New Development in Mathematics ”, The University of Tokyo
Special Project Fund(MEXT) for Graduate Education in Mathematics”, Kyushu University
Mathematical Research Center for Industrial Technology, Kyushu University

Invited Speakers (Offering Topics/Problems)

October 25, 2010
Morning Session:
Information Security
Hisayoshi Sato (Hitachi, Ltd.)

"Validity of lattice reduction algorithms for CVP"

Koichiro Akiyama (Toshiba Corporation)

"The Section Finding Problem and Algebraic Surface Cryptosystems"

C. Pandu Rangan (Indian Institute of Technology)

"Challenges in Provable Security of Cryptosystems"

Afternoon Session:
Ken Anjyo(OLM Digital, Inc.)

"Interactive editing of light and shade for 3DCG"

J.P. Lewis (Weta Digital Ltd./Victoria University)

"Open Problems in Visual Effects"

Inverse problems
Junichi Nakagawa (Nippon Steel Corporation)

"Inverse Problem from a Multi-scale Viewpoint Utilizing a Combination of Stochastic, Analytic, and Geometric Modeling"

Bob Anderssen (CSIRO)

"Analysis and Utilization of Spectroscopic Data"

October 26, 2010
Modelling and algorithm in the industrial sites
Mike HOMMA (Kao Japan)

"The problem of the spread of communication on the net space"

Tadashi Hidaka (Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, Ltd.)

"Development of prediction method for solubility of crystalline compound via 2D-structure"
"Development of structural similarity calculation system associated with chemists'sense"
"Development of practical algorithm to generate theoretically possible structures under restriction conditions"

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