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Intersections of complex networks in real world and infinite particle systems

Hold Date 2021-02-22 10:00~2021-02-22 17:00

Place The meeting will be live-streaming by Zoom

*IMI Workshop of the Joint Research Projects

*The event will be live-streaming by Zoom


【Main language: Japanese】


10:00~10:05 Opening



Speaker: Yoshinori Kamijima

Title: Ising model and its applications to combinatorial optimization and machine learning



Speaker: Yuta Arai

Title: On the solvability of TASEP and its relationship with the traffic jam problem



Speaker: Hayate Suda

Title: On some problems related to infinite particle systems



Speaker: Takahiro Mori

Title: Perspective on analysis of Dirichlet spaces by interpolation theory



Speaker: Kohei Hayashi

Title: Mathematical Analysis of Social Complex Networks



Speaker: Shota Osada

Title: Discrete approximation of determinantal point processes and isometries between L2 spaces.


16:45 Closing


Free participation

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This event will be live-streaming by Zoom.


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