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Geometry and Algebra in Material Science I (Online)

Hold Date 2020-09-07 11:00~2020-09-08 16:40

Place On-line conference in Kyushu University (Zoom)

Geometry and Algebra in Material Science I

: IMI Workshop of the Joint Research Projects


September 7 (Mon) - September 8(Tue), 2020



On-line conference in Kyushu University (Zoom)


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September 7 (Mon) , 2020

(10 lectures)

11:00-11:05 Opening



Kazuaki Kawahara (The Univ. of Tokyo)  Experiments and mathematics of interface structure

11:45-13:30 Lunch


Tomoji Kumano (Nippon Steel Corp.) A derivation of coincidence site lattice relations utilizing quaternion and matrix for material engineers



Shunsuke Kobayashi (Osaka Univ.) Geometrical modeling and numerical analysis on dislocations in solid



Tomotsugu Shimokawa (Kanazawa Univ.) Relationship between the development of lattice defects and mechanical properties in solid materials through atomic simulations



Yoshimi Tanaka (Yokohama Nat. Univ.) Fracture of gels and mechanics of osmosis


September 8 (Tue), 2020 


Hiroyuki Yamagishi (TMCIT) The best constant of discrete Sobolev inequality on regular polyhedra



Hiroto Sekido (Kyoto Univ.) The best constant of discrete Sobolev inequality on C60 fullerenes

12:05-14:00 Lunch


Mamoru Tanaka (NIT, Miyakonjo) A model of amorphous structure similar to crystal structure and percolation



Kaname Matsue (IMI) Finite-time singularity: a dynamical system approach


Junichi Nakagawa (The Univ. of Tokyo) Mathematical research on real-world problems is an educational program for doctorate course students in FMSP (Leading Graduate Course Frontiers of Mathematical Science and Physics) of the University of Tokyo: Problems in Mathematics Motivated by Crystals and Quasi-Crystals II


16:30-16:35 Closing


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