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曲面から向き付け不可能曲面への安定写像におけるminimal contour

Hold Date 2022-01-21 16:15~2022-01-21 16:45

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Speaker Reiya Hagiwara (Kyushu University)

Abstract: Roberto Pignoni discussed the singularities of stable maps from two-dimensional manifolds to the plane, in relation to the number of cusps and self-intersections and the domain of definition manifold. In particular, he determined a map and a homotopic stable map such that the sum of the number of cusps and self-intersections is the smallest, and called the singular value set the minimal contour. Subsequently, minimal contour has been considered for stable mappings to orientable surfaces. In this talk, I will discuss the minimal contour of stable mappings to surfaces which are not orientable only in certain cases, based on the results obtained so far.