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Statistics Seminar

Title Speaker Event Date
Some statistical approaches for renewal equations in non-life insurance Yasutaka Shimizu (Graduate School of Engineering Science, Osaka University) 2013-06-21~2013-06-21
Recent Advances in Statistical Inference and Computational Methodologies Anthony Hayter (University of Denver) 2013-02-22~2013-02-22
Statistical Analysis with Dilatation for Development Process of Human Fetuses Kanta NAITO (Interdisciplinary Faculty of Science and Engineering, Shimane University) 2012-11-29~2012-11-29
Asymptotics for L-statistics with dependent data and applications to risk measurement Hideat su TSUKAHARA (Seijo University) 2012-01-26~2012-01-26
Optimal significance analysis of microarray data in a class of tests whose null statistic can be ... Hironori FUJISAWA (The Institute of Statistical Mathematics) 2012-01-13~2012-01-13