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Topology Seminar

Title Speaker Event Date
How to read property of braids from categorified Burau representation Tetsuya ITO (Kyoto University, RIMS) 2015-11-27~2015-11-27
Hessenberg varieties and graph theory Tatsuya HORIGUCHI (Osaka City University Advanced Mathematical Institute) 2015-11-25~2015-11-25
Delooping of the space of long embeddings Keiichi SAKAI (Shinshu University) 2015-11-06~2015-11-06
How to prove hyperbolicity of given 3-manifolds by computer. Hidetoshi MASAI (Tokyo university) 2015-10-16~2015-10-16
Arithmetic topology on branched covers of 3-manifolds Jun UEKI (Kyushu University) 2015-09-05~2015-09-05
Decomosition of periodic mapping classes and splitting of singular fibers Takayuki OKUDA (Kyushu university) 2015-08-31~2015-08-31
Regularization of energies of knots and surfaces Jun IMAI (Tokyo Metropolitan University) 2015-07-03~2015-07-03
On certain L-functions for deformations of knot group representations Ryoto TANGE (Kyushu University) 2015-06-19~2015-06-19
Homotopy and algebraic K-groups of the sphere spectrum Ryo KATO (Kochi University) 2015-06-12~2015-06-12
Poisson algebras of curves on bordered surfaces and skein quantization Wataru YUASA (Tokyo Institute of Technology) 2015-05-08~2015-05-08