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Algebra Seminar

Title Speaker Event Date
Non vanishing of symmetric square L functions Gautami BHOWMIK (Universite de Lille 1) 2015-10-30~2015-10-30
On the polylogarithm for the product of the multiplicative groups Kenichi BANNAI (Department of Mathematics, Keio University) 2015-10-23~2015-10-23
The groups of the $p^n$-division points of formal groups over $Z_p$ and their special elements Fumio SAIRAIJI (Hiroshima International University) 2015-10-16~2015-10-16
Arithmetic topology on branched covers of 3-manifolds Jun UEKI (Kyushu University) 2015-09-05~2015-09-05
Class field theory for open curves over local fields Toshiro HIRANOUCHI (Department of Mathematics, Graduate School of Science, Hiroshima University) 2015-07-10~2015-07-10
Nilpotent Admissible Indigenous Bundles via Cartier Operators in Characteristic Three Yuichiro HOSHI (RIMS) 2015-06-26~2015-06-26
On certain L-functions for deformations of knot group representations Ryoto TANGE (Kyushu University) 2015-06-19~2015-06-19
Construction of families of Wach modules of rank two Seidai YASUDA (Osaka University) 2015-06-12~2015-06-12
Arithmetic of L-values and the Jacquet-Langlands correspondence Kimball Martin(University of Oklahoma / Osaka City University) 2015-06-05~2015-06-05
The infinite base change lifting associated to an APF extension of a mixed characteristic local f... Megumi TAKATA (Kyushu University) 2015-06-05~2015-06-05