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Algebra Seminar

Title Speaker Event Date
On the zeros of Weng zeta functions for Chevalley groups (a collaboration with Komori and Suzuki) Haseo Ki (Yonsei University) 2011-04-22~2011-04-22
On lattices in PGL_3(Q_2) (joint-work with Daniel Allcock) Fumiharu KATO (Kumamoto University) 2011-05-20~2011-05-20
Big Galois representations and p-adic L-functions Haruzo HIDA (UCLA) 2011-07-22~2011-07-22
Some remarks on the GL(2) converse theorem Andrew Booker (Bristol University) 2011-08-17~2011-08-17
Bounds on the ranks of Mordell-Weil groups of abelian varieties over extensions of function fields Ambrus Pal 2011-08-22~2011-08-22
The Riemann-Roch in Log Geometry WENG, Lin (Faculty of Mathematics, Kyushu University) 2011-10-14~2011-10-14
Finiteness of Crystalline Cohomology of Higher Level Kazuaki MIYATANI (University of Tokyo) 2011-10-21~2011-10-21
Compactly supported cohomology and nearby cycle cohomology of open Shimura varieties of PEL type Yoichi MIEDA (Kyushu University) 2011-10-21~2011-10-21
Arithmetic families of Calabi-Yau varieties with certain generalized hypergeometric functions as ... Nobuo TSUZUKI (Tohoku University) 2011-11-04~2011-11-04
On the Duke-Imamoglu lifting of p-adic families of elliptic modular forms and its applications Hisa-aki KAWAMURA (Hokkaido University) 2011-12-22~2011-12-22