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Intensive Course

Title Speaker Event Date
Polylogarithms, generating functions, and p-adic L-functions(International course:Special Lectur... Kenichi BANNAI (Keio University) 2015-10-19~2015-10-23
Geometric Optimal Control with Applications II(G30:Special Lectures IV) Bernard Bonnard (Université de Bourgogne) 2015-07-01~2015-07-13
Geometric Optimal Control with Applications I(G30:Special Lectures III) Monique Chyba (University of Hawaii at Manoa) 2015-06-18~2015-06-29
Hidden Gibbs Models: Theory and Applications(Special Lectures II ) Evgeny Verbitskiy (Mathematics Institute Leiden University) 2015-04-07~2015-05-12