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Title Speaker Event Date
Workshop on Modular Forms M. Kaneko (Kyushu Univ.), K. Tasaka (Kyushu Univ.), T. Ogasawara (Kyushu Univ.), Hikami (Kyushu Univ.), D. Zagier (Max-Planck Institut & College de France) 2012-05-07~2012-05-07
Pixar's Renderman and Mathematica (Special Seminar in IMI) Yusuke Kiriu (Studio Phones) 2013-02-08~2013-02-08
Computational Topology in Graphics & Visualization (Special Seminar in IMI) Hamish Carr (University of Leeds) 2013-02-22~2013-02-22
Itô Prize Seminar by Prof. Osada Hirofumi Osada (Faculty of Mathematics, Kyushu University) 2013-06-27~2013-06-27
The corresponding Cauchy theorem in dual ternary numbers in the sense of Clifford analysis (Compl... Hyun Sook JUNG (Department of Mathematics, Pusan National University) 2013-10-29~2013-10-29
Optimization in Traffic and Transport (Special Seminar in IMI) Ralf Borndörfer (Zuse Institute Berlin) 2013-11-08~2013-11-08
Configuration Models in Transport Optimization (Special Seminar in IMI) Ralf Borndörfer (Zuse Institute Berlin) 2013-11-18~2013-11-18
On the Camassa-Holm equation Yong Zhou (Zhejiang Normal University) 2014-02-06~2014-02-06
Some qualitative studies on the incompressible Navier-Stokes and related equations Yong Zhou (Zhejiang Normal University) 2014-02-17~2014-02-17
Volume integral equation method in electromagnetic scattering problems 1 Alexander B. Samokhin (Moscow State Technical University of Radioengineering, Electronics and Automation) 2014-03-10~2014-03-10