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Mathematical Physics Seminar

Title Speaker Event Date
Volume formulas using the twisted Alexander invariant and the matrix weighted zeta function Hiroshi GODA (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology) 2020-11-13~2020-11-13
The Algebra, Arithmetic and Geometry of Moonshine III John F. Duncan (Emory University) 2019-11-13~2019-11-13
The Algebra, Arithmetic and Geometry of Moonshine II John F. Duncan (Emory University) 2019-11-12~2019-11-12
The Algebra, Arithmetic and Geometry of Moonshine I John F. Duncan (Emory University) 2019-11-11~2019-11-11
Boundary vertex algebras Thomas Creutzig (Alberta University / RIMS) 2018-06-14~2018-06-14
On spectral and scattering theory at two-cluster thresholds for the N-body Schroedinger operator Erik Skibsted (Aarhus Univ. Denmark) 2017-11-22~2017-11-22
Ground states of a system of quantum fields Toshimitsu TAKAESU (Gunma University) 2017-05-10~2017-05-10
Symmetry and spectral degeneracies in asymmetric quantum Rabi models Masato Wakayama (Kyushu University, IMI) 2017-03-10~2017-03-10
The quantum Rabi model and generalizations with non-linear coupling Daniel Braak (Augsburg University) 2017-03-10~2017-03-10
Spectral analysis of Rabi model Andrzej J. Maciejewski (University of Zielona Góra Poland) 2016-11-14~2016-11-18