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IMI Colloquium

A lecture meeting called the “IMI Colloquium” is held every second Wednesday of the month at the Institute of Mathematics for Industry to promote mathematics-related collaboration and research exchanges with industry. The IMI Colloquium enables representatives of industry to interact with researchers active in advanced mathematical research and to ask them about case studies and results of collaborative research in mathematics. It also enables industry representatives to make proposals about the direction of mathematics research and the training of company personnel involved in mathematics. In this way, the IMI Colloquium serves as a forum for presenting diverse viewpoints on the role of mathematics as a technology supporting society and for deepening exchanges through discussions.

Title Speaker Event Date
A case study of software development : thinking out a method to cut down data and time Akihide MATSUDA (Amerio Co.,Ltd.) 2017-04-12~2017-04-12
Discovery of standing wave separation method inherent in railway track maintenance method and pos... Gaku EHARA (Design and Development Division Track&Structures Dept. JRWest) 2017-05-10~2017-05-10
FinTech and role of data analysis Yasumasa YAMAMOTO (Investor) 2017-06-14~2017-06-14
Utilization of Mathematical Programming Solver in the Operation Scheduling of Electric Power Supply Takufumi YOSHIDA (Toshiba Corporation) 2017-07-12~2017-07-12
Models of solid tumor growth and therapy Benoit PERTHAME (Université Pierre et Marie Curie) 2017-08-07~2017-08-07
Introduction to combinatorial phylogenetics Momoko HAYAMIZU (Research Organization of Information and Systems) 2017-10-11~2017-10-11
Visualizing Optical States Yutaka SHIKANO (Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo / Institute for Quantum Studies, Chapman University) 2017-11-08~2017-11-08
System for Contributing to the Liberalization of Electricity Service Tatsuro HARADA (Research and Education Center of Carbon Resources, Kyushu University) 2017-12-13~2017-12-13
Recent Targeted Cyber Attacks and Measures Tetsuya IZU (Security Laboratory, FUJITSU Laboratories Ltd.) 2017-12-20~2017-12-20
Advanced informatics recently applied to data analysis in materials science Ryoko OISHI-TOMIYASU (Yamagata University / JST PRESTO) 2018-01-10~2018-01-10