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IMI Colloquium

A lecture meeting called the “IMI Colloquium” is held every second Wednesday of the month at the Institute of Mathematics for Industry to promote mathematics-related collaboration and research exchanges with industry. The IMI Colloquium enables representatives of industry to interact with researchers active in advanced mathematical research and to ask them about case studies and results of collaborative research in mathematics. It also enables industry representatives to make proposals about the direction of mathematics research and the training of company personnel involved in mathematics. In this way, the IMI Colloquium serves as a forum for presenting diverse viewpoints on the role of mathematics as a technology supporting society and for deepening exchanges through discussions.

Title Speaker Event Date
3D CAD in Japanese ship building industry Sohichi YAMAGUCHI (S.E.A Systems. Inc., Japan) 2015-10-21~2015-10-21
The design, modelling and realization of engineered quantum systems William John Munro (NTT Basic Research Laboratories) 2015-07-15~2015-07-15
Mathematics and Cryptographic Research in Company Masaya YASUDA (IMI, Kyushu University) 2015-06-17~2015-06-17
Sensitivity of chemical reaction networks: a structural approach Atsushi MOCHIZUKI (Theoretical Biology Laboratory, RIKEN / CREST, Japan Science and Technology Agency) 2015-05-20~2015-05-20
Practical situations of applying mathematics in a manufacturing setting - On optics and software ... Masayasu SAWADA (Mathematical Analysis Department, Advanced Technical Center, Nikon System Inc.) 2015-04-15~2015-04-15
Recommendation System -- Theory and Practice Kimikazu KATO (Silver Egg Technology Co., Ltd.) 2015-02-18~2015-02-18
Formulation design of materials by weak conditioned combinatorial linear programming Teiichi INADA (New Business Developing Headquarters, Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd.) 2015-01-21~2015-01-21
NEC Labs' activities on social infrastructure and its issues Itaru NISHIOKA (Knowledge Discovery Research Laboratories, NEC Corporation) 2014-12-17~2014-12-17
Statistical Inference in Causal Information and its Application to Complex Systems Takashi ISOAKI (Sony Computer Science Laboratories) 2014-11-19~2014-11-19
Is mathematics useful? Prof. Martin Grötschel (Zuse Institute, TU, and MATHEON Berlin, Germany) 2014-10-15~2014-10-15