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Dynamical Systems Seminar

Title Speaker Event Date
Symbolic extensions on surfaces in intermediate smoothness David Burguet (Ecole Normale Superieure Cachan (France)) 2011-09-16~2011-09-16
Anti-integrable Limits, Symbolic Dynamics and Chaos Yi-Chiuan Chen 氏 (Academia Sinica, Taiwan) 2011-10-27~2011-10-27
Iterated monodromy groups and operator algebras Volodymyr Nerkashevych (Texas A&M University, USA) 2012-01-16~2012-01-16
Large deviations and Erdos-Renyi laws in dynamics Manfred Denker (Pennsylvania State University, USA) 2012-03-02~2012-03-02
On Recurrence of Random Walks on Groups driven by a symmetric Gibbs measure Johannes Jaerisch (Osaka University) 2012-06-15~2012-06-15
Almost-additive thermodynamic formalism for countable Markov shifts Yuki YAYAMA (Universidad del BíoBío) 2012-07-20~2012-07-20
Stochastic Coulomb dynamics in infinite dimensions Hirofumi OSADA (Faculty of Mathematics, Kyushu University) 2013-01-25~2013-01-25
super-exponential growth of the number of periodic orbits in partially hyperbolic dynamics Masayuki ASAOKA (Kyoto University) 2013-05-24~2013-05-24
Measures with maximum total exponent of $C^1$ diffeomorphisms with basic sets Yusuke TOKUNAGA (Osaka University) 2014-04-25~2014-04-25
Exact WKB analysis and cluster algebras Kohei IWAKI (Kyoto University) 2014-11-13~2014-11-13