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Probability Seminar

Title Speaker Event Date
Hypoelliptic SDE with jumps Hiroshi, KUNITA (emeritus professor at Kyushu University) 2011-04-15~2011-04-15
Tagged particle dynamics of stochastic ranking process Yukio NAGAHATA (Osaka University) 2011-06-17~2011-06-17
Large time asymptotic problems for optimal stochastic control with superlinear cost Naoyuki ICHIHARA (Hiroshima University) 2011-07-08~2011-07-08
Analysis on the Wiener-Poisson space and its application to Ito type S.D.E. Yasushi ISHIKAWA (Ehime University) 2011-07-29~2011-07-29
Infrared divergence and Gibbs measures on continuous path space Fumio HIROSHIMA (Kyushu University) 2011-10-21~2011-10-21
Strong Uniqueness of Diffusions to Gibbs Measures on a Path Space with Exponential Interactions Hiroshi KAWABI (Okayama University) 2012-01-06~2012-01-06
On gaugeability for generalized Feynman-Kac functionals and its applications Kim, Daehong (Kumamoto University) 2012-02-17~2012-02-17
Dirichlet Heat kernel estimates for relativistic stable processes Panki Kim (Seoul National University) 2012-02-17~2012-02-17
Stability of Dirichlet heat kernel estimates for non-local operators under Feynman-Kac perturbation ZhenQing Chen (University of Washington) 2012-02-17~2012-02-17
Cut points for simple random walks Daisuke SHIRAISHI (Kyoto University) 2012-05-25~2012-05-25