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Colloquium in Mathematics

Title Speaker Event Date
A quantization of Osserman’s Gauss map theory Ryoichi KOBAYASHI (Nagoya University) 2016-11-28~2016-11-28
Swarming, Interaction Energies and PDEs Jose Carrillo (Imperial College London) 2017-04-13~2017-04-13
Langlands' automorphic transfer as a problem of generalizing the addition operation Laurent Lafforgue (IHES) 2017-04-27~2017-04-27
(Pure) Mathematics and Microbial Communities: Beauty and the Beast? Robert Sinclair (Mathematical Biology Unit, OIST, Okinawa) 2017-07-06~2017-07-06
The trace formula in and outside the Langlands program Anton Deitmar (University of Tuebingen) 2017-10-12~2017-10-12
VR: Media of experience and visualization Michitaka HIROSE (Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo) 2018-06-25~2018-06-25
Henselian rigid GAGA in positive characteristics Fumiharu KATO (Tokyo Institute of Technology) 2018-11-15~2018-11-15
Graph manifolds as ends of negatively curved Riemannian manifolds Takashi SHIOYA (Tohoku University) 2020-01-23~2020-01-23