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Activity report at ICIAM2019

IMI has contributed the following activities at ICIAM2019 (, Spain 15-19 July, 2019)
which is the congress of industrial and applied mathematics held once in four years.

(1) Recommendation of the invited speakers at Industrial Day from the researchers in the industrial sector: 2
(2) Chair of the invited lectures: 2
(3) Organization of minisymposia: 3
(4) Oral presentations: 12 (including 2 presentations by students), poster presentation: 1

Here are the details:
 (1)  Hirokazu Anai (Fujitsu, IMI Visiting Professor)
 Ghassan Karame (NEC Laboratories Europe)
 (2)  Osamu Saeki (2)
 (3) Mathematics for Industry in the Asia Pacific Area (2 sessions,9 talks)
Organizers from IMI: Kenji Kajiwara, Masato Wakayama, Osamu Saeki, Yasuhide Fukumoto

Geometric shape generation: integrability, variational analysis and applications (6 sessions,23 talks)
Organizers from IMI: Kenji Kajiwara, Miyuki Koiso

Rigorous Numerics towards Characterization of Singular Nature in Dynamical Systems (1 session,4 talks)
Organizers from IMI: Kaname Matsue
 (4)  Oral presentations:
Shizuo Kaji (2), Masato Wakayama, Osamu Saeki, Yasuhide Fukumoto, Kaname Matsue, Kenji Kajiwara, Miyuki Koiso, Takashi Kagaya, Masaya Yasuda, Yoshiki Jikumaru (student), Hyeongki Park (student) (1 each)
Poster presentation: Hiroyuki Ochiai
 Next ICIAM will be held during 20-25 August 2023 in Tokyo hosted by Waseda University (
 Two staffs (Osamu Saeki and Kenji Kajiwara) are serving as the organizing committee members.
ICIAM2019 photos