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Functional Encryption as a Social Infrastructure and its Realization by Elliptic Curves and Lattices

Hold Date 2014-09-09 14:00~2014-09-11 12:30

Place Industry-University-Government Collaboration Innovation Plaza, Kyushu University

Functional Encryption as a Social Infrastructure and its Realization by Elliptic Curves and Lattices

: IMI Workshop of the Joint Research Projects
 September 9(Tue) ~ 11(Thu), 2014
 3-8-34 Momochihama Sawara-ku Fukuoka 814-0001, JAPAN
 Industry-University-Government Collaboration Innovation Plaza, Kyushu University
  (12 lectures)
 Tuesday, September 9

 14:00 - 14:10  Opening

 14:10 - 14:50
 Speaker:Shigeo TSUJII, Hiroshi YAMAGUCHI, Masahito GOTAISHI (R&D Initiatives, Chuo University)
 Invited Lecture«Advanced Concept of Information Security in Organizational Communications and Realization of Organization Encryption Systems with Elliptic Curves Cryptosystem»

 15:10 - 15:50
 Speaker:Swee-Huay HENG (Multimedia University, Malaysia)
 International Invited Lecture«Recent Development in Identification»

 15:50 - 16:30
 Speaker:Kirill MOROZOV (IMI, Kyushu University)
 Lecture«On Identity-Based Identification from Codes»

 18:00 - 20:00     Banquet

 Wednesday, September 10

 09:50 - 10:00  Opening of the Second Day

 10:00 - 10:40
 Speaker:Chen-Mou CHENG (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)
 Invited Lecture«Efficient Implementation of Elliptic-Curve and Lattice-Based Cryptography»

 11:00 - 11:40
 Speaker:Takanori YASUDA (ISIT)
 Lecture«Efficient Pairing Instantiations Using Fixed Coefficients»

 11:40 - 12:30
 Speaker:Katsuyuki TAKASHIMA (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation)
 Keynote Lecture«Functional Encryption from Dual Pairing Vector Spaces»

 14:00 - 14:40
 Speaker:Xavier DAHAN (ISIT)
 Lecture«On a New Matrix Variant of NTRU»

 15:00 - 15:40
 Speaker:Seiko ARITA (Institute of Information Security)
 Invited Lecture«Some Applications of the Multilinear Map»

 15:40 - 16:20
 Invited Lecture«Practical Applications of Somewhat Homomorphic Encryption Using Lattices»

 Thursday, September 11

 09:50 - 10:00  Opening of the Third Day

 10:00 - 10:40
 Speaker:Hiroaki ANADA (ISIT)
 Lecture«Attribute-Based Signatures without Pairings»

 11:00 - 11:40
 Speaker:Isamu TERANISHI (NEC Corporation)
 Invited Lecture«Anonymous Credential with Attributes Certification after Registration»

 11:40 - 12:20
 Speaker:Jian WENG (Jinan University, China)
 Invited Lecture«Verifiable Outsourcing of the Decryption of Ciphertext-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption»

 Institute of Systems, Information Technologies and Nanotechnologies (ISIT)
 Sakurai Laboratory, Faculty of Information Science and Electrical Engineering, Kyushu University