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Kyushu Algebraic Number Theory 2017 (KANT 2017)

Hold Date 2017-03-08 13:30~2017-03-10 15:40

Place Lecture Room M W1-C-515, West Zone 1, Ito campus, Kyushu University

Kyushu Algebraic Number Theory 2017 (KANT 2017)

 Date  March 8, 2017 (Wed) - March 10, 2017 (Fri)
 Place  Kyushu University, Building West 1, Lecture Room C-515
 744 Motohama, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka 819-0395, Japan
 March 8, 2017 (Wed)

 13:30 - 14:30
 Speaker: Shushi HARASHITA (Yokohama National University)
 Title: Superspecial curves of genus 4 in small characteristic
 14:40 - 15:40
 Speaker: Yoshinori MISHIBA (National Institute of Technology, Oyama College)
 Title: Logarithmic Interpretation of Carlitz Multizeta Values
 15:50 - 16:50
 Speaker: Yoshiyasu OZEKI (Kanagawa University)
 Title: Lattices in crystalline representations and Kisin modules associated with iterate extensions

 March 9, 2017 (Thu)

 10:00 - 11:00
 Speaker: Yoshiaki OKUMURA (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
 Title: A function field analogue of the Rasmussen-Tamagawa conjecture
 11:10 - 12:10
 Speaker: Koji TASAKA (Aichi Prefectural University)
 Title: Period polynomial relation between double zeta values revisited
 13:30 - 14:30
 Speaker: Tomoaki NAKAYA (Kyushu University)
 Title: On modular solutions of certain modular linear differential equation and supersingular polynomials
 14:40 - 15:40
 Speaker: Masataka ONO (Keio University)
 Title: Finite multiple zeta values associated with 2-colored rooted trees
 15:50 - 16:50
 Speaker: Shin-ichiro SEKI (Osaka University)
 Title: The p-adic number ring and Â-finite multiple zeta values
 Banquet : scheduled from 19:00

 March 10, 2017 (Fri)

 10:00 - 11:00
 Speaker: Nao TAKESHI (Gakushuuin University)
 Title: Determining all elliptic curves with good reduction everywhere over number fields
 11:10 - 12:10
 Speaker: Kazuhiro YOKOYAMA (Rikkyo University)
 Title: On Symbolic Formula of Isogeny of Elliptic Curves
 13:30 - 14:30
 Speaker: Tetsuya TANIGUCHI (Kanazawa Institute of Technology)
 Title: On the specificity of the magnitude of the determinant formula of the relative class number of cyclotomic fields and its application
 14:40 - 15:40
 Speaker: Hiroki TAKAHASHI (Tokushima University)
 Title: Generalized Greenberg's conjecture for cyclotomic fields and special elements of K-groups
 Organizers  Momonari KUDO    (Kyushu University)
 Kentaro OKAMOTO (Kyushu University)
 Mika SAKATA           (Kyushu University)
 Tomoaki NAKAYA    (Kyushu University)

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